Abrasive transfer system with PLC controller and Abrasive storage container

The abrasive storage container serves as a reservoir and source of supply for the abrasive. The standard container has a capacity of approx. 250 kg. Abrasive storage containers with a capacity of 60 kg are also available. The abrasive storage container has a mounting plate along with controller and pneumatic components. A pressure bin is located at the outlet of the abrasive storage container along with a detachable claw coupling.
The abrasive storage container is equipped with a removable sieve frame, which is to prevent too large abrasive particles or other foreign bodies getting into the abrasive system.

Abrasive dosing head

The abrasive dosing head is located on the Z-axle directly
alongside the cutting head. The abrasive passes via a pressure
line from the pressure bin to the dosing unit. The filling level is
monitored using sensors.
The capacity of the bin is some 2.5 kg.

The components of the abrasive dosing head comprise:
  • Inspection glass
  • Upper part with vent
  • Infeed connection NW 10
  • Funnel with connection NW 6
  • Level sensor
  • Empty signalling sensor (optional)
  • Vacuum monitoring (optional)