Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting – The Types of Cutter and the Working Systems

Over the years, we have seen a change in our industrial process. We now use the modern process for many purposes. Waterjet cutting is also the latest process that is viral these days in the market.

The Preface to Waterjet:

We know that science has made a lot of progress in the past few decades. If we look at the industry’s aspect, we’ll see many latest processes. In the same way, over the years, our process to work in a large sector is also changing.

When we are working in a large sector, we need to cut-down our items, materials, and products. But in this cutting process, if we use the manual cutting systems, it can lower the quality of items. Also, the manual cutting system has a lot of risks.
But, recently a few years back, waterjet cutting became a viral process. Waterjet is a process that cuts down many materials by using water pressure. Unlike the other methods, this system keeps the quality of your items intact.

We can use this process to cut down an item in many shapes. Also, when you are cutting down an item by using water pressure, it has two methods. In the first method, we can use pure water to get high pressure. Further, in the other method, you can use abrasives.

Procedures of Waterjet Cutting

When we look to study the Waterjet cutting, we’ll find out that it’s been in works for many years. But, before the experts had a study on them, they had another purpose. Years ago, they were only being used for getting gold. But now we are using them to cut materials. We can use this technique in two ways pure water cutting and abrasive water cutting.

Before we head to know the types, we must know how the process works. The system works in a simple way than it appears. In this system, your valuable item is struck by a high-pressure beam or jet of water. As the jet of water strikes with your product, it will be cut down as per your need.

Also, a great aspect of this system is your control of the whole process. You can use the water pressure to cut down a product in any shape you need. It takes the level of your creativity far beyond you can imagine. You can come up with any shape of any material in the market.

Procedures of Pure and Abrasive

Pure Waterjet Cutting

Pure waterjet Cutting

We can use this type of cutting process on a lot of items. While we use this process, we need to know that the items will be soft as compared to the other materials. Some of the top items we can cut by using this process are plastics, foam, rubber, and gaskets.
If we look into the tech side of this process; we’ll see a filtered tap. This tap will be fed into the intensifier pump. We can make water pressure up to 60,000 psi. Further, we can get this water pressure by using an orifice jewel. The quality of this jewel is that it concentrates water into a smaller area to gain more power.
The beam of water by this jewel is fine and smooth. It has a speed of 900m/sec. This speed is enough to cut down many soft materials.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

When you are in the industry, you also need to cut hard items as well. We were able to learn about cutting the soft items. But when we need to cut glass or a hard item, then abrasive waterjet cutting comes.
In this type of cutting, we use an abrasive waterjet cutting system. The working systems of both the jets are the same. But, when the water stream is through the orifice, it goes through a nozzle. You will find a mixing chamber inside this nozzle.
In this nozzle, there is a vacuum after the passage of water. We’ll add Garnet in the nozzle to mix with water to make an abrasive effect. We can use this technique for cutting ceramics, aluminum, steel, etc.

Benefits of the process

So far, we were able to learn two types of waterjet cutting. So, here are a few benefits of the BFT – Best Fluid Technology  waterjet

  • Cutting system.
  • High Flexibility
  • Low Cost
  • Better Quality
  • Precision
  • You can use it to make many shapes and designs
  • Don’t need to change the tool

If we had to sum up this process, we can say that it is effective. Further, Bft Pumps technique can helps us to cut both soft and hard materials.

Uses of Waterjet Cutting

When we study the process of waterjet, we’ll come to know that we can use this process in many sectors and fields. Some of them are here on this list.

  • Glass Cutting
  • Aerospace Sector
  • Stone Cutting
  • Automotive Sector
  • Food Sector
  • Textiles
  • Foam Sector, and many more!