As a specialist in evaporation technology, GIG Karasek has already used its complete solutions, from the laboratory test to the complete system, in many international projects, including in the field of organic chemistry . All systems are convincing with high process reliability, and thus with the highest possible system availability.

High-precision plants are required in the production of inorganic products . A partnership with GIG Karasek is the reliable guarantee of exact quality and future-oriented technology. GIG Karasek not only manufactures high-quality systems and equipment, but also offers a variety of services and a special service.

Decisive advantage with GIG Karasek technology for a multitude of products.

Application examples:
  • Separation of nitric acid from organic
    high boilers
  • Separation of butynediol from high boilers
  • Recovery of methanol from high boilers
  • Recovery of xylenol from a cleaning solution
  • Removal of hexane from PP and PE waxes
  • Dry salt by evaporation of water and solvent
  • Separation of phenol from coal pitch
  • Distillation of precursors for the production of insecticides
  • Separation of by-products in the production of synthetic fibers