Evaporation plants for the Pulp & Fiber Industry have been one of GIG Karasek’s core competencies for decades. Based on many years of experience in plant construction, we are able to identify opportunities for improvement in each existing plant and to plan and implement suitable solutions. Whether conversions, capacity expansions, elimination of bottlenecks or entire turn – key solutions, GIG Karasek fulfills all individual customer requirements, also as an EPC contractor.

Application examples of Pulp & Fiber Industry

  • Concentration of sulphite & sulphatelye
  • Concentration of Pulp for Pulp production for the regenerated fiber business
  • Concentration of lignosulfonates
  • Concentration of xylose
  • Concentration of bleaching water
  • Recovery of solvents from the lyocell fiber industry
  • Distillation of tall oil
  • Concentration of dissolved pulps for the fiber industry