Evaporation Technology

Whats is Evaporation Technology?


In the thermal separation technology plants are used to concentrate liquids, which can be present as solutions, suspensions and emulsions. In addition to the waste water minimization with subsequent thermal or commercial utilization of the end products, the production of intermediate and end products may be the task of these plants.


Concentrated intelligence

Evaporation plays a significant role in GIG Karasek’s range of services. From classic application areas to new challenges, we have been supporting a wide range of industries for years in the implementation of new plants and the optimization of existing processes. At the core of this fundamental technology is the concentration recovery and evaporation of products. Expertise in design guarantees high process quality, resource conservation and the lowest possible operating costs. Our activities focus on the construction of new plants and the optimization of existing plants and processes. Through cunning arranging, we abuse improvement potential for you and acknowledge it in superior results.

Well thought-out complete systems for continuous value creation

This not only leads to increased profitability of the overall process, but also to the optimization of corporate metrics such as energy costs or productivity and sustainable environmental protection, which is required today by laws and standards.

GIG Karasek has already developed and made various modified process systems in the following areas:



Depending on the service area, valuable materials can be recovered for further use, processes can be optimized or environmental requirements can be met.

Optimization, conversion and adaption- exploit untapped opportunities

Your plants no longer provide the desired capacity? Your energy consumption is in no relation to the performance? New laws force you to stricter environmental precautions? Often adjustments or expansions for your company can achieve a noticeable increase in performance.


Put on lead by experience.

Evaporation technologies meet various creation industry objectives, even under complex conditions. So as to advance the necessary energy expenditure, GIG Karasek offers its clients a high potential for investment funds through ingenious plant design. Taking into account your requirements, we develop a balanced concept that brings investment costs and operating costs into an efficient balance.

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