Falling Film Evaporator

Falling Film Evaporator – Types, Applications, and Benefits

On the industry level, we need to dry off many heat-affected items. For this purpose, we can use the Falling Film Evaporator. It provides you with many benefits and comes with a simple working system.

Basic Idea

As we know, over the years, humankind was able to change a lot of systems. This also applies to our work fields. In the past, if we had to dry-off valuable items, manual heat methods were viral among the experts. But, with the fame of the Falling Film, this process is a lot easier.
This falling film is suitable as it dries-off an item in a delicate way. The working process is unique as they use gravity as well. In the process, they move the materials from top to the bottom of the surface by using gravity.
In the whole process, you need to keep a low change of temp among medium and the surface due to the high-quality service of the Falling film evaporator. The falling-film transfers the heat evenly. Further, the process of evaporation is also pure, which prevents the liquid to overheat.

Types of Falling Film Evaporator

Plate Falling Film

If we discuss the types of this Falling film, a plate falling film is the first type. The plate falling film is best known for its high-quality and energy value. We know that a falling film passes the items by using gravity. This helps to save energy.
But the plate falling type passes the mixture over the plate bundle surface. The surface of this bundle has a heat source. This helps the whole process to dry-off the item in the falling film. The heat of the plate also helps to keep a balance among the heat to your valuable item.
Also, the plate falling moves the mixture through a circle. This process also helps to dry your item further. You can use the plate falling film to fixate these items

  • Sulfate
  • Pulp
  • Bleach Water
  • Xylose

Before we head to the next type, we should know the usage of the plate falling film. You can use it for many targets. Some of them are here on the list.

  • To recover – the alcohols and solvents, the items from recycling, the volume of a liquid.

Tube Falling Film

Tube falling film is also viral among experts. You can use it in a smaller place than the plate falling type. This type of film guides the items though the external heat. Few tubes on the falling film act as a heat source and surface. This surface helps to dry the item in the falling film.
Also, the tube helps to ensure smooth and equal disposal of loads in all the tubes. Thus, it helps to keep the high-quality results from each tube.

Uses of Falling Film Evaporator

There are many large-sector fields where we can use a falling film to dry-off many items. Some of these industries are here below

  • Paper
  • Scratch
  • Chemicals
  • Food
  • Polymer
  • And other many fields


  • Low – Energy costs, Waste , Pressure
  • Constant Boiling

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is falling film evaporator ?

It is a type of heat exchanger. Which dry off components in industries.

What are the types of falling film evaporator?

There are two types of falling film evaporators. Plate falling film and tube falling film evaporator.

What is difference between plate falling film and tube falling film evaporator?

In plate falling film the components are dry off using heat sensitive plate and in tube falling film the components are heated through tubes which acts as a heat source.

How does falling film evaporator work?

In this process we use gravity to move materials from top to bottom and dry them off using balanced heat.

What are the uses of falling film evaporator?

Falling film evaporators can be used is paper, scratch, chemicals, food and polymer industries.