thin film evaporator

Thin Film Evaporator-The Benefits, Applications, and Functions

Thin Film Evaporator is the latest type used for heat-sensitive materials in the industry. The evaporator helps to oxidize, decolor, and react to the heat affected materials.


When you are working in an industry, you will need to heat many products. But the level of heat is not possible to reach without an artificial heat system. Thin Film evaporator is also a source of that machined heat.
If we look into the tech aspect of this system, it consists of a rotor and heat system. The rotor works as an internal part while the heat has an external source with the thin-film system.

This thin-film system has a mixture used for many items. It shares this mixture across the head by a sharing system. The mixed items flow through the wall of the Thin Film evaporator.
Along the wall, we need to heat the mixed items. But we will use an outside source for this process. The best source of the heat can be thermal oil or steam.

Further, we need to keep a balance among the disposal of items. Also, we will need a liquid film as well. The Thin Film gets both systems by using wiper elements. The accurate sharing of items, and heat results in high quality. Also, in the whole process, there is the least contact of the product with the surface.

Uses of Thin Film Evaporator

You can use this Thin Film for many purposes. Whether you need to make your assets and items pure or need to make the concentrate, Thin Film has both the options. If we look to list-down the uses, we’ll come up with these points.

  • Fixate – the heat-affected items, the Sticky surface, the Shear Thin Media
  • It can distill the low boilers
  • You can purify your scare items when you refine them from the high-boiling parts.
  • Along with these uses, you can use it as a re-boiler and as a dryer.