Thin-film / short-path technology


Complex tasks require special process solutions:

GIG Karasek has devoted his concentrated expertise in process engineering and apparatus engineering to the development of highly specific thin-film evaporators and has established them as ideal solutions for demanding tasks in thermal separation technology. Where traditional methods reach their limits comes GIG Karasek thin-film / short-path technology for use: For particularly temperature-sensitive products, our field-proven experts develop special problem solutions that are tailor-made precisely to your requirements and are not available on the market in this individual form. High economic efficiency and personal all-round support from a single source make GIG Karasek a reliable partner even for special solutions.

Rotary evaporator & plant construction

GIG Karasek has set up itself as of late as a specialist in separation technology, particularly in the field of distillation.
In addition to conventional evaporator types such as falling film evaporators, we convince our customers with the design and production of gentle rotary evaporators to solve particularly complex distillation challenges.

Applications Thin-film / Short-Path Technology

GIG Karasek has no intellectual or procedural limitations with its comprehensive portfolio. With international experience from projects of various sizes, we are able to develop suitable systems for new, unconventional fields of application, or to optimize existing solutions.

Package Units

Competent, reliable, goal-oriented, cost-conscious, cooperative and proactive, at GIG Karasek we make the perfect equipment from your requirements. Choose a partner that justifies your trust. A project engineer accompanies you from consulting, planning to the realization of package units and subsystems as well as their commissioning.Or, on request, also for optimization measures and pure engineering services.

Regardless of the scope of services, our goal is to enhance your production with tailor-made GIG Karasek Solutions in terms of expanded efficiency and process advancement.

No challenge is too big for us: complex tasks spur us on to become even better.

Tailor-made expertise makes the difference

The focus of our services is the development of individual plants, perfectly adapted to the conditions and customer requirements. Only in this way can we secure the basic advantages of efficient distillation in production: obtain valuable materials, reduce energy costs and comply with environmental regulations as efficiently as conceivable – or an intelligent combination of these priority targets of present day industry.
Many years of experience, a special apparatus technology and clear manageable structures are among our advantages as an internationally renowned expert.

Application areas of our plants

Temperature range :-196 ° C to 400 ° C

Vacuum: ≥ 0.001 mbara

Feed quantities: 10 kg / h to 2,500 kg / h (for one-piece package unit) up to 10,000 kg / h (for multi-part skids, depending on the application)

Viscosities: up to 10 Pas (in special cases up to 1000 Pas at operating temperature)

Execution: ATEX, GMP, API

Materials: C-steel, Hastelloy, titanium, stainless steels (1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4562, 1.4539) Available
in multipart units